A Milestone in Innovation

Amazech Solutions has achieved Microsoft Solutions Partner Status

In a significant leap towards technological excellence, Amazech Solutions proudly announces its achievement as a Microsoft Solutions Partner. This noteworthy milestone marks a strategic step forward in our commitment to providing unparalleled services to our valued clients.

A Strategic Partnership for Success

Becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner is a testament to Amazech Solutions’ dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and delivering top-tier solutions. This partnership opens new avenues for collaboration, allowing us to harness the power of Microsoft’s robust ecosystem to provide even more comprehensive and advanced services to our clients.

Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Technologies

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Amazech gains access to a vast array of tools, resources, and expertise that will enhance our ability to deliver innovative solutions. Beyond the current partnership we have had with Microsoft as a silver partner, this achievement equips Amazech to leverage Microsoft Technologies much deeper.

A Commitment to Excellence

Achieving the status of a Microsoft Solutions Partner underscores Amazech Solutions’ commitment to excellence. This partnership reflects our dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, adopting the latest technologies, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings and are eager to share the benefits with our clients and partners.

What This Means to Our Clients

As our esteemed client, this partnership translates into enhanced services, faster innovation cycles, and a deeper understanding of your evolving needs. Amazech Solutions is ready to embark on this journey with Microsoft, bringing businesses the cutting-edge and tailored solutions.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Developments

This collaboration is just the beginning.

Staying Motivated Navigating Turbulent Times in Tech Industry

Welcome to January 2023. This is the month of the year that we are most optimistic and confident by what the future holds. The warmth of the festive Holidays is fading and getting back to work is creeping into our daily reality.

However, it is a turbulent world. In 2023, companies need to:

  • Recalibrate growth strategies and develop hybrid work environments
  • Do more digital transformation initiatives with less skilled resources
  • Manage ongoing pandemic concerns

It is during these turbulent times that we identify our yearly goals and build upon our career commitments and aspirations. Annual KPI’s are determined, projects are started, and deadlines are set.

  • How do employees stay motivated and engaged with so much uncertainty?
  • How do we get charged up to take on new challenges?
  • How do we create relevant solutions and strengthen connections to customer needs to drive more revenue in the marketplace?

Leaders understand the importance of improving employee motivation and engagement, but many times, they don’t know where to start. Being able to create a positive workplace can dramatically increase employee morale, productivity, and performance.

Here are three (3) actionable tips that can help employees stay motivated, engaged, find comradery on project teams, and ultimately provide a desirable workplace where employees want to stay.

Tip #1: Employee Motivation is an Outcome of Having a Growth Mindset

Employee engagement and motivation are a mindset. Employees are at the heart of the engine that produces business outcomes; however, they need to build their profile as talented employees that have ideas, aspirations, and accomplishments both within and outside the organization. They must be understood and nurtured.

In her research, Psychologist Professor Carol Dweck coined the term ‘growth mindset’ as the way of thinking that emphasizes that intelligence is not fixed; instead, it can be developed.

Students (and adults) with a growth mindset focus on:

  • Working harder and improving themselves
  • Showing more enthusiasm for the process
  • Having greater motivation and achieving greater success

People with a growth mindset look for positive outcomes both in their career and in life. They think thoughts like the following:

“I can learn anything I want to.”

“When I’m frustrated, I persevere.”

“I want to challenge myself.”

“When I fail, I learn.”

“If I succeed, I’m inspired.”

“My attitude and effort determine everything.”

Whereas people with a fixed mindset believe that their intelligence and abilities are fixed, something that you are either born with or without. They are usually easily discouraged and may:

  • Avoid taking risks or trying new things due to fear of failure
  • Feel frustrated and give up
  • Don’t like to be challenged; leads to fear of failure

Motivation, engagement and having a growth mindset all go together – you can’t have one without the other.

What mindset do you have?

Tip #2: Building Trust

Trust is important to people, teams, and company culture. Trust is good for the bottom line of any business – like a dividend. In his book called “The Speed of Trust, The One Thing That Changes Everything”2,

Stephen Covey and Rebecca R. Merrell say that trust is necessary to the credibility and empowerment of any organization, or human relationship.

In his framework for understanding trust, Covey also states:

  • When trust is absent, people keep trying to protect themselves against those whom they cannot trust.
  • Character and competence underlie trust. Character includes integrity, motivation, and the right attitude. Competence includes the skills, capabilities, work habits and products.
  • Trust can be built, broken, and restored. Trust is not constant. Hold yourself accountable. Hold others accountable. Take responsibility for the results.

People who work in a trusted atmosphere collaborate proactively and get things done faster and at a lower cost.

  • Trust is universally necessary and productive.
  • Distrust is costly to business.
  • High trust organizations tend to be collaborative, innovative, creative, and effective.
  • Trust inspires workers to “get better.”

Steady improvement builds your capabilities and drives your motivation which is essential to trust. According to Covey, anyone can improve behaviors that instill trust such as:

  • Talking straight – be clear in your communication
  • Demonstrating respect
  • Creating transparency
  • Right wrongs (or repair the damage when trust is broken)
  • Living up to, and delivering on commitments in a timely and dependable manner

Trust is good for the bottom line.

Can you list out 3 things you have done recently to enhance trust?

Tip #3: Invest in Personal Development

Encourage and ask your peers to be mentors and employee advocates for you, as well as company leaders. Create a personal development plan with multiple areas of knowledge and skill categories to improve throughout the year and be held accountable by your mentors.

Identify and work with mentors that have different skills. For example, if you want to learn a new technology, you could find a mentor that has that knowledge. If you want to learn new leadership skills, ask a team leader or a Senior Manager to mentor you.

Develop the plan and then stick to it! You will quickly start to see positive results.

Sheryl Sandberg, in her book “Lean In” describes working your way to the top of the corporate ladder is more like navigating a jungle gym. The traditional hierarchical career ladder no longer exists in companies for most workers which means that the days of joining a company and staying there to climb that one ladder of success are long gone3.

Jungle gyms offer a more creative approach to learning and motivation for your career.

  • Your career doesn’t have to be mapped out from the start.
  • There are many ways to get to the top of a jungle gym.
  • The jungle gym model benefits everyone, but especially women who might be starting careers, switching careers, or reentering the workforce4.

Take – Away

  • Motivation takes a growth mindset. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from pursuing your aspirations.
  • Trust is universally necessary and productive. It is necessary for the organization to enable employee empowerment to drive business results, retain employees and customers.
  • Chart a career path like a jungle gym. Your career path may be more horizontal than vertical like a traditional career ladder. Take some risks, choose growth, motivate, and challenge yourself. Make a goal of getting out of your comfort zone, find new interests and gain new skills for not only today, but also for tomorrow.

Here are three (3) things you can do to kick off the New Year:

1) If you are new to a team and want to build trust, open a meeting with a team “icebreaker” to learn a fun fact about team members. Icebreakers can be as easy as asking a simple question “Where is your favorite vacation place and why?

2) Reserve some time on your calendar each week to learn about the roles and responsibilities that people have in other departments in the company, determine the new skills that you would be able to develop by working there and then watch for opportunities to join. This will strengthen your skillset, LinkedIn Profile and resume.

3) Be intentional about developing a growth mindset. A helpful tip here is to start a daily journal to write positive thoughts, identify the challenges you are experiencing and then work the options that are available to resolve them.

What are the 3 things that you can improve on to stay engaged and motivated?


(1) Carol Dweck, “What Having a ‘Growth Mindset’ Actually Means”; https://hbr.org/2016/01/what-having-a-growth-mindset-actually-means

(2) Content based on Public Summary of “The Speed of Trust, The One Thing That Changes Everything”, by Stephen Covey and Rebecca R. Merrell https://public.summaries.com/files/8-page-summary/the-speed-of-trust.pdf

(3) Sheryl Sandberg, “Lean In, Women Work and the Will to Lead”, (New York: Borzoi Book Published by Alfred A. Knopf, Division of Random House, 2013). 53.

Tech Titans Awards 2022

Our very own Shanthi Rajaram led the Awards Nomination Committee as Chairperson coordinating the 130+ nominations, for the second year in-a-row! We love engaging positively and intentionally with our local community, so sponsoring the Community Hero Award was just up our alley.

Women Who STEAM 2021

Shanthi Rajaram, President & CEO of Amazech Solutions was honored with the Virtual Women Who STEAM Award 2021 by the Dallas (TX) Chapter of the Links Incorporated for her exemplary contributions in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) through her Serving, Teaching, Excelling, Aspiring and Mentoring at work place and in the community. The award is a recognition and celebration of her commitment to inspire and motivate young minority women to enter the STEAM fields and establish flourishing careers in it..

Minority Business Leaders Awards 2020

Shanthi Rajaram, President & CEO of Amazech was a part of the 2020 honoree class for the Minority Business Leaders Award by Dallas Business Journal. This impressive group of 25 leaders, represent industries ranging from health care, technology, finance, legal, manufacturing, transportation, consulting, media and non-profits. Each honoree has made a lasting impact in the growth and development of businesses in North Texas through their efforts both inside and outside the workplace.

Microsoft PowerApps: A Simple Platform to Build More Powerful, Customized Apps

by Nagarajan Anandan

In an effort to introduce a, quicker and easier, no-code development platform at a reduced cost (if not altogether free) Microsoft has introduced a powerful, agile, user-friendly, and incredibly helpful tool for both non-professionals and experienced coders: Microsoft PowerApps.

Microsoft has introduced a powerful, agile, user-friendly, and incredibly helpful tool for both non-professionals and experienced coders: Microsoft PowerApps.

It’s another way of making application development available in largely a drag-and-drop environment to those organizations that don’t have the manpower, budget, or resources to utilize the traditional application development model. It’s also a way professional developer can create apps quickly and with more flexibility. With Microsoft PowerApps, companies who don’t have a developer budget or even a developer at all can quickly build a customized app from scratch, which they can easily share with their team.

Consider these benefits:


In the past, app development was an endeavor that only a small number of professionals could accomplish. The skill level and experience needed for even the most basic business solution applications was too high. Companies could only code when someone who could code was available to code. That meant specialized personnel and increased cost. With PowerApps, new apps can be conceived, built, and distributed all within the group that needs them. There is still a level of expertise and skill needed to create a workable, useful app, but all the necessary parts and instructions are built into the PowerApps for anyone to use.


In today’s fast and furious pace of business, the lack of speed kills. Projects need to be completed yesterday and hesitation and slower-than-necessary practices can not only cost accounts but also an organization’s livelihood. That’s one of the greatest benefits of PowerApps: how little time it takes to create a functional, customized app. PowerApps eliminates many elements from the traditional app development process and it can prototype the app right in the interface. Speed is a virtue when it comes to customized business app development.

Agility and ease of use

Coding can be a much-involved, intimidating process for a non-programmer. PowerApps replaces that difficult coding with a process that is largely drag and drop-based. Whether it’s a mobile or in-house desktop app, PowerApps enables all the usual work associated with creating the app fit the organization’s environment. It deals with the issues of frameworks, dependencies, and libraries for you behind the scenes, so that you can concentrate on the who, what, where, and why; they’ll handle the how.


You’re probably asking the question, Is it too good to be true? It’s a great platform and all, but will it work for our organization to meet our purposes and goals with our infrastructure and systems? The fact that it’s a Microsoft product should put your mind to ease. They’re compatible with just about everything, right? Because of PowerApps integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Flow, and Microsoft BI, it’s easy to get data into and out of Sharepoint, Excel, or any of the other apps on which your business depends.


And since so many people are using their phones as their go-to communication centers these days and some apps just don’t look or operate the same from a desktop to a mobile environment, it’s important that PowerApps is mobile friendly. PowerApps allows you to develop a phone form factor right in the same interface so you’ll always know that those accessing it on either a desktop or mobile will enjoy the same experience.

Empathetic Expectations

One of the greatest challenges to digital transformation success is the human factor of change. Few people like it. Information meetings and constant reminders that the change is not a threat but a necessary step toward improved performance is essential. How are you preparing your staff for change?


Last but certainly not least, and in some cases, the most attractive characteristic of PowerApps is the cost. Individual users can run applications for a specific business scenario with full PowerApps capabilities for around $10 per month or individuals can run an unlimited number of apps without any feature restrictions for $40 per month. PowerApps for Office 365 licenses are even included in many of the business-level Office 365 subscriptions—which means it’s free for basic apps using basic connectors. Chances are you may even have access to it now.

There are no more excuses anymore for developing that perfect app for your workgroup. You no longer need to hire or wait for the expertise and availability of a seasoned developer. With Microsoft PowerApps, the ability to create customized apps quicker is now possible through an easier process and interfaces, the cost is minimal if not nonexistent, and the up-side of having your own customized app for efficiency and improved productivity—and profitability—is just too great to pass by.

IoT Initiative – Security: Things to Keep in Mind

by Shanthi Rajaram

In the mad rush organizations are making to take advantage of the vast potential and efficiencies that the Internet of Things provides, many organizations are forgetting about a crucial risk area: security. Hackers are well aware of this and know how to exploit your eagerness and vulnerability. Consider these alarming statistics:

Check Things Out Before You Hook Them Up

  • There will be more than 20 billion connected IoT devices by 2020.
  • 76% of risk professionals believe their IoT involvement will leave their organizations at risk.
  • The average time it takes for an IoT device to be connected to the Internet before it is attacked is 5 minutes.
IoT Initiative – Security: Things to Keep in Mind

*Source: www.securityboulevard.com

Be smart and be prepared!!

Here are some areas for which you should develop a strategy and to which you should devote resources as you commit to the Internet of Things:


  • Invest in top-grade internet security software.
  • Set strict identification, authentication, and password integrity processes.
  • Ensure efficient data encryption is implemented.
  • Update to the latest versions of product/software for optimal performance and minimized vulnerabilities.
  • Deploy virtual private network to send and receive data across shared or public networks.
  • Educate frequently and educate all. You are only as strong as your weakest link.
  • Always have an up-to-date risk mitigation and recovery plan in place.


  • Stick to dependable, well-tested security certified brands.
  • Choose a flexible and scalable management platform that will support a broad range of IoT devices.
  • Ensure device capabilities and functionalities are understood and configured appropriately.
  • Audit, retire, and delink unused or out-of-date IoT devices in a timely manner.

Continue to review this list and update it on a regular basis to keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape and emerging information security threats.

Amazech Solutions Joins the Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust

The Leadership Trust Is an Invitation-Only Community for Top Business Leaders in North Texas

Frisco, Texas (December 17, 2019) — Shanthi Rajaram, president and CEO of Amazech Solutions, has been invited to join the Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust, an exclusive community for influential business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in North Texas.

Rajaram was chosen for membership by the Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust Selection Committee due to her experience, leadership, and influence in the local business landscape and beyond. She brings an uncompromising focus to delivering on client expectations through her collaborative consulting partnerships with clients as well as an uncanny ability to hone in on what provides clients the best technology strategy to achieve long-term business advantage.

“Dallas’s thriving business community is powered by leaders like Shanthi,” said Ollie Chandhok, president and publisher of Dallas Business Journal. “We’re honored to be creating a space where the region’s business influencers come together to increase their impact on the community, build their businesses, and connect with and strengthen one another.”

As an invited member, Rajaram will contribute articles to the Dallas Business Journal website and participate alongside fellow members in expert panels. She will connect and collaborate with a vetted network of local leaders in a members-only directory and a private forum on the group’s mobile app. She will also benefit from leadership and business coaching, an executive profile on the Dallas Business Journal website, select partner discounts and services, and ongoing support from the community’s concierge team.

“This is a great honor from such a well-respected and highly influential organization,” said Rajaram. “It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn from exceptional Dallas business leaders, extend Amazech’s network of quality industry experts, and provide our own expertise and knowledge to strengthen the corporate community in the Dallas metroplex.”

The Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust team is honored to welcome Rajaram to the community and looks forward to helping her elevate her personal brand, strengthen her circle of trusted advisors, and position her to further impact Dallas and beyond.

About Amazech Solutions

Amazech Solutions is a Frisco-based IT consulting firm that has been driving business transformation through technology and talent since 2007. Leveraging the best technology with a vast network of well-vetted, proven professionals, they help organizations accelerate their business, ensuring data security, productivity, and profitability. Amazech is highly customer centric, learning a company’s needs, developing a customized strategy, and harnessing technology, talent, and solutions to implement measurable, positive change. Learn more at www.amazech.com.

About the Business Journal Leadership Trust

Dallas Business Journal Leadership Trust is a part of Business Journals Leadership Trust — a collective of invitation-only networks of influential business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs in your community. Membership is based on an application and selection committee review. Benefits include private online forums, the ability to publish on bizjournals.com, business and executive coaching, and a dedicated concierge team. To learn more and find out if you qualify, visit www.trust.bizjournals.com.

Digital Transformation Success: How to Ensure You Get It

by Prasad Thottekatil

According to Forbes,70% of all digital transformation initiatives fail.

Considering that we live in such a digital-centric age, one can imagine what this means to CEOs/CTOs who grapple with the constantly shifting sands of the digital world we live in. Digital transformation is a daunting task, given the multitude of factors one needs to keep in mind in order to get it right. Not just for the here and now, but to be future-ready. Getting it right makes a critical difference in staying competitive, relevant and successful.

One needs only to look at companies who were giants in their fields a few short years ago – invincible but inflexible – who failed to make the leap to digital and are now shadows of who they were – if they’re even still in business. You may have heard of a few of them: Kodak, Nokia, Xerox, Blockbuster, Yahoo, Blackberry, Commodore, Toys R Us, Circuit City, Netscape, Sears, Motorola, and JCPenney.

Effectively launching these much-needed but often complicated projects takes more than wishful thinking and good intentions. Here are several key factors that will ensure your digital transformation undertaking is a resounding success:

A Specific Objective

As with any business project, knowing the why is as important as the what, when, where, and how. Everyone in the enterprise needs to know the essential details and reasons for the mission and their responsibility in its execution. Does everyone know exactly what your objective is?

A Clear Strategy

Once you know the why, it’s important you have a clearly defined set of events, processes, and timetables on how to execute your objective. Many setbacks, delays, and complications can be avoided with a strong and well-defined plan of attack. The clearer the strategy, the more certain its success.

An Organized Organization

Transporting and transforming data is only as good as the quality, organization, and availability of that data to its intended users. The more organized the team in its assets and procedures, the easier and more effective your project will become. Do you have the proper assets in the proper places?

A Motivated Team

Just as important as the right data in the right place is having the right people with the right attitudes on your digital transformation team. Only enlist the most knowledgeable, motivated, and flexible staff and you’ll get an unstoppable team that gets the job done well. Who would best fit on your team?

The Top Tools

With all the priority of digital transformation projects today, there is a world of new technology and tools that are being developed to give you the solutions you’re looking for. Of all the latest and greatest options, there are plenty from which to choose. Do you know what all your possibilities are?

Empathetic Expectations

One of the greatest challenges to digital transformation success is the human factor of change. Few people like it. Information meetings and constant reminders that the change is not a threat but a necessary step toward improved performance is essential. How are you preparing your staff for change?

Constant and Quality Communication

None of these steps work unless your team communicates clearly, comprehensively, and consistently with each other throughout the process. Effective communication engages, includes, equips, and energizes. The lack of it results in confusion, chaos, and catastrophe. How well are you communicating?

When a client of ours decided to take his business digital, the technical expertise as well as the advisory and mentoring role that Amazech provided not only enabled him to expand his market but today, he says he has more time to focus on the more important things to grow his business. He does his part, we do ours, and everyone benefits—especially his clients.

With the evolving needs of a younger client base who are digital natives, the business case for digital transformation has never been stronger. To stay competitive and successful, the transition to going digital seems an inescapable reality. In fact, it’s a business imperative.  

Digital Transformation to the Rescue

Author: Shanthi Rajaram

I wrote a previous, cautionary blog — Digitization is Transforming Banking: Are You Ready? —about the vastly changing world of banking, one that has to keep pace with the speed and capability of technology as well as the increased customer demands for efficiency and customization. That’s a monumental challenge. Here’s the solution:

Digital transformation – the process where companies modernize legacy solutions and focus on securely automating the customer experience.

Banking today and in the future is about what companies can do to enhance the customer experience – not only what they can do but also how they do it – while being productive and profitable. This will include a widening array of personalized services – no more one-size-fits-all banking – and fundamental changes in how customers monitor, transact, and invest their dollars.

Customer Benefits

Here are several benefits customers will experience from digital transformation:

  • Personalization of the customer experience, focusing on their needs and desires.
  • More efficient and easily-managed services.
  • Self-service enablement for greater customer control.
  • Increased mobility so consumers to leverage capabilities anywhere and at any time.
  • Eco-friendliness. For example, mobile push notifications will replace paper statements.
  • Voice enabled interaction can be completed while driving, saving valuable time.

Bank Benefits

Here are some benefits banks will gain from digital transformation:

  • Operational savings through reduction in customer service calls and routine transactions.
  • Market penetration into areas outside the reach of a traditional branch.
  • Digital interaction enables data collection and analysis for optimized product offerings.
  • Continuity of experience increases customer engagement and potential added services.
  • Better customer analytics ensures more targeted marketing messages with greater success.
  • Increased automated processes like credit risk assessment and loan underwriting.
  • Social media integration enables understanding of consumer behavior, trends, and patterns.

Digital transformation offers the bank of today and the future a win-win situation: customers are happier and more in control and banks are more productive and profitable.

What does your business need to start the digital transformation process?

Digitalization is Transforming Banking: Are You Ready?

Author: Shanthi Rajaram

As with most businesses, banks have always faced the challenge of how to retain and add increasing value to existing clients while trying to attract new ones.

Combine those concerns with today’s lightning-fast speed of information and business operations along with the demands for increased online services, mobile capabilities, and cybersecurity and you’re looking at a banking world that is undergoing drastic changes. Consider these trends:

  • Only 30% of bank consumers 35 or younger chose their bank based on branch location, according to PWC’s 2019 Consumer Digital Banking Survey
  • 1 in 3 Gen Zers with a loan used an online lender — a 2.2X increase from 2018
  • Individuals 35 and younger are more than twice as likely to use an online lender, and they are entering their prime borrowing years

The New Normal

What our clients are telling us is that due to increased technological capabilities, their customers are demanding easier, faster, and better solutions. Quite simply, the banking mentality and methods of yesterday aren’t going to be attractive or viable for clients today and tomorrow. The new look of banking will be:

  • Personal. Customers want customization that seamlessly adapts to their worlds.
  • Faster. If customers have to wait too long, they go elsewhere for services.
  • Easier. Customers don’t want complicated processes or they’ll look for alternatives.  
  • Integrated. Services that work within a cohesive system are much more inviting.
  • Mobile. Customers want to do their banking from their phones. Period.
  • Innovative. The more options and tools available, the better the banking experience.
  • Enviro-friendly. Customers today care about the planet. Electronic over paper.

Are you ready?

The issue in banking today isn’t about if a digital revolution is coming. It’s already here and customers are expecting its availability. The real issue is if the organization is ready for it or not. Does it have the philosophy and mindset for the upcoming change? Does it have the tools and technology to meet customer demands? Does it have the staff and expertise to execute all that will be required?

What are your greatest personnel and system needs in this new world of banking?

Shanthi Rajaram Will be a Panelist for Women in Technology Business Accelerator Info Session

The LiftFund Dallas/Fort Worth Women’s Business Center is sponsoring its Women in Technology Business Accelerator (WiTech) program, and Shanthi Rajaram is one of the featured panelists introducing the program’s objectives at a free information session on August 15, 2019 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. The purpose of the program, which will run from September 10, 2019 to November 5, 2019, is to equip early stage female technology founders with entrepreneurial training to create growth, increase profits, and sustain their tech business. Find out more about this event here.

Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO of Amazech, Is Finalist in 2019 Tech Titans Awards

Tech Titans, the largest technology trade association in Texas, has announced the 2019 finalists for its annual awards, and Shanthi Rajaram has been named as one of the four nominees in the Community Hero Award category. This award recognizes individuals within the technology industry for their outstanding achievements in community involvement. This year’s event will be held on August 23 at Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West in Plano. You can see a list of all the finalists here.

Amazech is a Byte Sponsor for the 2019 Technology Ball Season

Amazech is a Byte Sponsor for the 2019 Technology Ball, a unique series of networking gatherings that brings the technology community together, providing networking opportunities for leading CIOs, CTOs, and VPs of IT to mingle with senior-level representatives from sponsoring corporations. Read more about the Technology Ball season here.

Amazech is a Silver Sponsor for the 2019 DFW Alliance of Technology and Women

Amazech is a 2019 Silver Sponsor for the Dallas/Fort Worth Alliance of Technology and Women (ATW). This will be their fourth year in a row to sponsor at that level. ATW is a non-profit organization committed to increasing the number of women in leadership and strengthening the presence of girls entering technology fields. You can find out more about ATW here.

Amazech is a 2019 Member and Sponsor of the U.S. India Chamber of Commerce

Amazech is a 2019 active member and sponsor of the U.S. India Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is a Dallas/Fort Worth-based 501(c)(6) organization whose mission is to support professional, business, and economic development throughout North Texas and facilitate bi-lateral trade with India. You can learn more about the Chamber here.

Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO of Amazech, Named to Advisory Board of LiftFund

Shanthi Rajaram has been named to the advisory board of the LiftFund Dallas/Fort Worth Women’s Business Center (WBC). WBC is dedicated to supporting business owners, especially women and minorities, through business education and business consulting. The WBC is a program of LiftFund, a non-profit small business lender and resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Learn more about WBD here.

Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO of Amazech, Named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce named Shanthi Rajaram, president and CEO of Amazech, as its Entrepreneur of the Year at their annual awards banquet on October 16, 2018 in Dallas. The annual event is the signature event of the Chamber and is attended by state and local elected officials, the who’s who in the Asian American community, corporate executives, and various media outlets.

Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO of Amazech, Featured in Insight Success

Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO of Amazech, was featured in a story in the June edition of Insight Success. Insight Success is a magazine that focuses on a vast array of innovative IT companies and how they conduct business in order to deliver solutions that are efficient. The magazine strives to write articles about CEOs, VPs, and Managers who are leading the way in the IT industry. Insight Success also provides articles that describes information about products, services and technology reviews.

Here at Amazech, we are excited about Shanthi Rajaram’s opportunity to talk not only about the company but also about her experience in the IT business.   

When discussing Amazech’s success, Insight Success said:

At Amazech, they have established a strategy that addressed growth and innovation simultaneously while keeping the cash flow healthy. The company’s success can also be attributed to their approach and ability to quickly analyze the data and develop a solution that is efficient and affordable. As the velocity of change in business and technology continues to increase, Amazech will transition away from market pressures and focus on innovating efficient solutions and services that will open new frontiers in the advancement of business.

To view the article in its entirety click here.

Amazech Attended WPO’s 19th Annual Conference

On April 7-9, 2106 Amazech employees traveled to Baltimore, Maryland in order to attend The 2016 International Conference hosted by The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO, a non-profit organization). “The conference encouraged WPO members to share business strategies with other successful women from all over the world, as well as learn from interactive seminars and speakers.” The conference seminars discussed marketing tactics, government contracting, branding, and performance. View the conference announcement for more details.

WPO’s 19th Annual Conference.4

Shanthi Rajaram, Amazech’s President, with Gia Machlin, President of EcoPlum, at the WPO Conference.

WPO’s 19th Annual Conference.1

WPO attendees listened to a talk given by Amy Cuddy, an American social psychologist, author and lecturer known for her research on stereotyping and discrimination.

WPO’s 19th Annual Conference.3

Judy Smith, Crisis Management Specialist, gave an interesting talk at the WPO Conference

6th Annual InnoTech Conference in Dallas, Texas

In April 2016 over 1,000 professionals met at the Irving Convention Center for the 6th annual Technology and Innovation (InnoTech) Conference. The conference organized forums that discuss topics like IT leadership, IT Operations, digital analytics, and women in technology. Amazech Solutions attended the Women in Technology forum. Visit the InnoTech site to view this year’s host, keynote speakers, theme and agenda.

Amazech President was named Tri-Chair for The Tech Titans Innovation Committee

On April 11, 2016 Amazech’s President was named Tri-Chair for the 2016 Tech Titans Innovation Committee. The committee was formed in effort to encourage high-tech entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialization within the DFW area. red cloud The committee holds bi-monthly meetings to discuss high-tech industry topics, developmental programs and research.  All meetings are open to the public. Visit the Tech Titans website for more details.

Amazech Awarded The 20 Most Promising Tech Companies 2016

Silicon India Magazine is the largest community of Indian professionals working in technology, business, entrepreneur news, and more. Amazech is elated to be honored in Silicon India’s list of 20 Most Promising Technology Companies.

In Silicon’s May Issue the company talked about Amazech and what makes the IT company promising. The article says:

In the digital era, ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming businesses every day. Even if a business does not relate with technology, it is strongly influenced by the trends that emerge in the market. However, the tools are changing, and so are the business processes because of new technologies like mobile, cloud computing, business intelligence, data analytics and virtual reality. As such, businesses that want to thrive are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of these technologies while they are still relevant and useful. “Our passion is focused towards the latest advances on the technology space,” states Shanthi Rajaram, President and CEO, Amazech. Towards this objective, by developing a customer-centric approach and understanding the clients’ need, “our developers are encouraged to hone their skills and are offered guidance to work on newer technologies to help customers keep abreast with the latest trends,” adds Shanthi.

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Amazech Solutions Awarded Best in Customized Web & Mobile Based Solutions

Corporate America’s The Boardroom Elite Awards announced that Amazech has won the Best Customized Web & Mobile Based Solutions category.

The Boardroom Elite Awards strives to recognize management and business of the highest level all across America.

When talking about the awards Corporate America said, “Through these awards, we look to identify and honor the most respected companies and their C-level executives, while recognizing and rewarding outstanding success, innovation and ethics across America’s business communities.”

You can view a list of the 2016 winner here. Amazech is featured on page 14-15.

Enterprising Women Awards – Shanthi Rajaram, President of Amazech Solutions, Honoree

This year Enterprising Women Magazine held the 2016 Enterprising Women of the Year Awards at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida. The event marked the magazine’s 14th Annual Celebration of the awards. The annual tribute is dedicated to recognizing the world’s top women entrepreneurs. Shanthi Rajaram, President of Amazech Solutions, was among the few honored in Florida.
The Enterprising Women of the Year Awards is the most prestigious recognition programs for women business owners. In order to win, nominees must reveal that they have fast-growth businesses, mentor or actively support other women in entrepreneurship, and stand out as leaders in their communities. Several past and present honorees serve in organizations that support the growth of women’s entrepreneurship.

Award winners were recognized in seven categories this year:

  1. Annual sales revenues of more than $100 million
  2. Annual sales revenues of more than $25 million and up to $100 million
  3. Annual sales revenues of more than $10 million and up to $25 million
  4. Annual sales revenues of more than $5 million and up to $10 million
  5. Annual sales revenues of more than $2 million and up to $5 million
  6. Annual sales revenues of more than $1 million and up to $2 million
  7. Annual sales revenues of up to $1 million

Rajaram represented Amazech in the annual sales revenues of more than $2 million and up to $5 million category. For more details about the awards visit the Enterprising Women website.


Rightraq Will Help You Manage Your Projects Better

You can decide how you want to configure the custom fields, settings, task lists, projects and jobs.

You can also control what your workers can and cannot do with the mobile application anytime or anywhere via your iPad, Tablet or mobile device.

With Rightraq the possibilities are endless. Website and pricing will be made available soon. Stay tuned.

New Product Announcement: OMNIS Management Tool

Amazech and Jordan Ferguson, the founder of Virtousic Arts, launched the Omnis Management Tool. Jordan says that Omnis – The Online Management and Networking Interface System – “is a Dallas-based startup management software company [that is] inspired by personal experiences with teaching and my own studio business. free domains With the Omnis Tool, I’m able to track my studio, manage my students, and teach more. It has saved me time and money.”

The program is user-friendly because it is an online teaching portal powered by Skype. All you have to do is log in and the system will help you manage and build your music studio through practice portals and online sessions. Tasks such as registering students, scheduling music lessons and handling payments are now accessible with one click. In an interview with Jordan Ferguson For pricing and information, please visit the official Omnis website.

Building Company Spirit One T-shirt at A Time

At Amazech we strive to build a sound work environment that facilitates both success and fun. Most importantly, we attempt to foster a high level of employee satisfaction because our employee’s loyalty, attitude and passion are key factors that assist production levels.

The Amazech T-shirt Initiative was started as a means to facilitate enjoyable productivity. It allowed Amazech employees to build a community in the workplace and show their pride.

Amazech Team Restored Payir Website

Amazech helped Payir, a nonprofit organization, launch an improved version of their website.

Payir is a grassroots organization based out of India. The company’s mission strives to empower rural communities through holisticsustainability. Payir’s crucial programs – Sustainable Farming, Nutrition, Health and Sanitation, Education, Governance, and Skills and Livelihood – allow the Grassroots Team and Partners to address key challenges that stifle villages in Perambalur, India.

In regards to the impact of Payir the founder, Senthilkumar Gopalan, said, “Mid 2005, we started our work in earnest at Thenur village. Today, 11 years later, we have grown to be a part of life for the people of 18 villages. In this period, we have ventured into providing primary health care, strengthening elementary education, increasing nutrition levels of children, facilitating Government – People interaction both at community and individual level, creating public infrastructure, boot-strapping new income generation ventures, building new community sacred groves and fostering social solidarity.”

Click here to read more of Gopalan’s words and view the new website.

Kids Therapy by Design Site Revamped

Amazech helped Kids Therapy by Design launch an improved version of their website.
Kids Therapy by Design is company that is committed to providing a safe haven for special needs children. More specifically, the Therapists and Pathologists at the company offer a vast array of therapy services to children at their doorstep. Kids Therapy by Design was originally created to “enrich the lives of children and their families by providing special needs children with a voice through genuine love, care, and passion for service.” The company says their mission says:

[Our company revolves around the] commitment to providing excellent healthcare. Kids Therapy by Design is committed to providing notable therapist; who have been defined as having ethical professionalism, passion, and dedication to serving families throughout the DFW metroplex. We will continue to provide exceptional service, craftsmanship and dedication to all of our families and community. Kids Therapy by Design will remain committed to providing professional development, accountability, respect and support to each member of our team.

Click here to read the services provided and view the new website.

Shanthi Rajaram Featured in Women Chief Executive Officers (WCEO) Article

In June 2015 the WCEO featured Amazech’s CEO and founder Shanthi Rajaram in an article that highlighted upcoming women CEOs in 2015. Rajaram talked about growth, success and best business practices. When asked about the rewards and challenges that come with running an IT solutions company the president said, “We have managed to [exceed] the goals we set for ourselves. As we evolve and change in order to grow, we remain true to our original vision of where we want to go.” Click here to view the detailed article.

Women in Technology Awards – Shanthi Rajaram, President of Amazech Solutions, Honoree

The Dallas Business Journal presented the 2015 North Texas Women in Technology Awards on October 1st, 2015. The Journal recognized women for their leadership, advocacy, and entrepreneurial spirit within their technological field. The 2015 honorees represented both large corporation and small companies. Our very own Shanthi Rajaram, President of Amazech Solutions, received the Entrepreneur Award. who is . Rajaram was featured in a special Q&A section in the October 2nd issue of the Dallas Business Journal. The president’s accomplishment was also featured in an article produced by a local Dallas blogger on her site What Taylor Likes.

Shanthi Rajaram, Amazech’s President, with her award.


Amazech employees and associates at the Women in Technology Awards.

Inspiring Women Entrepreneur Award 2018– Shanthi Rajaram, President of Amazech Solutions, Honoree

FETNA (Federation of Tamil Sangams in North America) held their 31st annual convention in Frisco at the Dr. Pepper Arena. The central theme of the convention was Heritage, Youth & Women.

It was a 3 day event with over 75 speakers across the globe and with more than 5000 people attending the convention. As part of TEF – Tamil Entrepreneurs Forum – they recognized some of the local entrepreneurs and corporates making a difference. Shanthi was honored with the prestigious award for her contributions in the areas of Information Technology and Business.

Immigrant Entrepreneur Award 2017.

The Immigrant Journey Awards highlights the most influential immigrants in North Texas, while honoring and celebrating their contributions to the United States. Amongst the various categories, Shanthi Rajaram President & CEO of Amazech was honored with the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award at their annual gala organised on June 16, 2017.

Shanthi relocated to the United States from India and while working at a start-up in California , she found her groove and was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. This is when she founded Amazech in the summer of 2007.The award recognised her passion, dedication and vision as well as her impact to the community, business and future of the country.