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E Learning & Studio Management Solution

Our client is an inspired, talented and passionate musician and a pioneer in the online music teaching field that was launched as a local business.
The company’s vision is to make the learning of music possible and available to everyone through expert teaches, no matter where they lived in the United States. In order to fulfill this dream, they wanted a technology solution that would serve students, their parents and help grow their teaching business.
Omnis developed and launched its new OMNIS solution that is the online teaching management tool in the summer of 2015.

Help them to achieve

2500+ Students Enroll Instantly

The Challenge

Non-existence of an integrated, user-friendly turnkey product that provided a solution for the end to end management of his music teaching business.

The solution needed to be flexible enough to accommodate ancillary services to its primary activities (tutoring, counseling, music lessons, etc. ) where you have a student/instructor or patient/counselor relationship.

Omnis wanted the ability to resell the solution to other businesses.

Attracting students, managing the sessions, delivering the classes, paying for the sessions, and managing the resources were key requirements.

Integration with popular payment options was a must.

They were limited to supporting the surrounding Dallas area and wanted to expand globally.

The Solution

As with any project, it started with a discovery phase. Multiple sessions with Omnis Founder helped Amazech understand his business goals and objectives. Critical features and functionalities were identified for the first phase of implementation. All third-party tools we could leverage to keep the costs of development low while increasing user experience were evaluated.

A detailed plan and product roadmap were put in place. The requirements phase was followed by a build phase, testing phase, code deployment phase, and go live phase. Since Amazech had to work within tight budgets, resource allocation was performed carefully and efficiently.

The key challenge before Amazech was to build a scheduling tool AND an end-to-end eLearning solution. With no available documentation, this was overcome by taking a very systematic approach along with right processes. Product prototypes were put in place and all the flows were discussed in detail before launching into development. Stringent testing processes were utilized.

The Results


Students Enrolled Instantly

The platform successfully added 2,500 students almost immediately and allowed Omnis to support students globally.

Able to extend the solution to similar businesses in a resale model which grew his business.

Allows for focus on his students and eliminates administration worry.

A hassle-free, single source to track all payments automatically in order to minimize missed payments.

Working with Amazech the past four years has been such a treat. Amazech provides a personal approach to the development process, keeping me highly involved and informed, while also serving as guides to help me better produce a product suitable for my students. Our app now serves over 2,500 users, helping students achieve their musical goals across the North Texas area.

Jordan Ferguson

Founder of Omnis Management


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