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Leasing And finance Case Study

Amazech Solutions Drives Innovation & Agility for a major US Automotive Captive’s Fleet Operations.

Our client launched its dedicated Fleet Services division to address the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Offering a streamlined solution for fleet acquisition, fuel, maintenance, and consolidated invoicing, they aim to reduce the administrative burden for business owners in their fleet management operations.

Help them to achieve

75% Growth Within The First Year

The Challenge

To rapidly scale this new business offering, a flexible and responsive IT solution was required.

Using, third party software as a foundation, they required continuous enhancements, integrations, and automation to meet evolving market demands and seize new opportunities.

Our Client sought a partner to augment their development capabilities for this critical initiative.

The Solution

Amazech Solutions provided a dedicated team with deep domain knowledge, technical expertise, and a commitment to understanding the Client’s operating model. This team’s core strengths included:

Rapid Understanding of the Fleet Systems: Amazech quickly grasped the requirements and effectively integrated enhancements and automations tailored to their use of the software.

Accelerated Time-to-Market: Amazech’s agile approach enabled faster configuration and deployment of new product and service offerings.

Operational Efficiency Gains: Automated processes replaced time-consuming manual tasks, reducing both resource time and the potential for errors.

Scalable Development Capacity: Amazech will provide on-demand expertise as the business grows and IT complexities increase.

Team & Technology: Amazech assembled a specialized team of 2 business analysts, 2 developers, 1 automation tester, and 1 solution architect to deliver this solution. Leveraging the power of .NET and SQL Server, this team drives long-term, ongoing innovation for the Client’s platform.

The Results

By partnering with Amazech Solutions, our client has achieved remarkable advancements including

Faster Innovation: time-to-market for new products and features has been drastically reduced, empowering them to gain a competitive advantage in the fleet services space.

Streamlined Operations: Manual processes have been replaced with streamlined solutions, enabling an enhanced customer service and Client resources to focus on business expansion.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Increased speed and automation have contributed to a more seamless experience for customers.

The Amazech team helped us redevelop, redesign, and overhaul WEB Network’s complete online presence. They assisted us with best practices for online transactions, capturing relevant customer data, data security, and data protection. The Amazech team was great to work with, very responsive, and focused on delivering the results we needed.

Marc Chappell

Executive Director, WEB Network


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