Providing Amazing Technology Solutions to Our Customers

Clients come to Amazech for cutting-edge IT expertise, comprehensive and proven outcomes, and a customized fit for their unique IT needs. And they’re not disappointed. Whether it’s overhauling a legacy system or building a customized app to improve their business efficiencies, we consider exceptional results and lasting client relationships our highest priorities.

Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • Professional Services

    An association management company evolved its workflow systems to enable greater automation within six months. The result: 75 percent growth due to automation.

  • Healthcare

    A healthcare provider leveraged mobile technology to boost the patient engagement experience. The result: Patients receive timely diagnoses and faster, more personalized follow-up.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    A commercial real estate firm utilizes real-time analytics and reporting capabilities to track and manage distressed property renovation timelines from investment to lease. The result: More timely readiness of rental properties and shorter time to revenue.

  • Manufacturing

    A consumer goods manufacturer wanted to modernize their technology infrastructure to a best-in-class technology solution. The result: Greater efficiency and streamlined redundant processes enabled more time for the staff to focus on revenue generation.

  • Construction Management

    A construction services firm needed to better track various projects to manage contractors and deadlines. By leveraging customized software, the company had a daily snapshot of projects. The result: More efficient project management that enabled contractors to prioritize to ensure all deadlines were met and project costs were kept low.

  • Online Education

    An online music studio wanted a way to better automate distance and e-learning capabilities. By leveraging live video calls, document sharing, and chat capabilities, educators and students could better provide/receive virtual music education. The result: More effective teaching sessions and the ability to engage with a greater number of students.

  • Supply Chain

    A steel manufacturer wanted to better leverage secondary sales information to drive business. The result: Data and analytics enabled the company to realize substantial growth.

  • Smart City and EDC Assessment and Roadmap

    One of the fastest growing cities in the DFW area was looking to becoming a leading Venture Capital, Startup friendly and Smart City in the country. The result? Our assessment tool and methodologies provided our client with specific recommendations and a roadmap for implementation.