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BI Solution for a Sustainable Real Estate Firm

Sustainable Real Estate Firm

  • Our client is a pioneer in bringing environmental and social governance to commercial real estate to assist their clients in developing sustainable strategies, practices, metrics and goals for office, multifamily, industrial, retail and hospitality property types.
  • They are a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified provider and have helped properties achieve LEED certification for over 30 million square feet of real estate and over 60 million square feet of  other Green building rating systems.
  • They are a leader in GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) performance measures which is the gold standard in building sustainability.
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The Challenge

  • The sustainable (Green) real estate industry relies on investors and Fund Ratings with data and analytics to manage and make investment decisions based on benchmarks and performance data.
  • Because GRESB validates, benchmark scores and performance data, our client required an integrated solution that gathered vast amounts of data to report the findings to the GRESB.
  • Live data needed to be constantly accumulated, analyzed and reported from thousands of devices that connect to, and monitored, the buildings’ utilities such as water, electric, garbage and gas for reporting and tending to issues to ensure all buildings are running at optimal capacity (Energy Star Levels).
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The Solution

Amazech’s CTO and the Project Manager jointly spent a sizeable amount of time in the first couple of weeks with the Client to come up with a proper BI solution keeping the long-term perspective in mind. A well-thought-out solution was recommended meeting Client’s budget.

Angular JS6 was finalized for the web application. Microsoft Power BI was shortlisted for reporting and dashboarding needs which underwent changes to Tableau. The initial project plan covering the entire scope was put in a time frame. The project was broken down into various modules and sub-modules.

Here is our solution

Resource planning was put in place to complete this project in six months. The team was carefully picked with a right mix of experienced and mid-level developers to ensure quality delivery.

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The Results

  • Sharp increase in their customer base.
  • Eliminated manual data gathering and data error occurrences.
  • Greatly reduced the reliance on specialized skilled labor to gather and analyze data.
  • Significantly reduced reporting time to the GRESB portal.
  • Dramatically improved turnaround in resolving operational issues of buildings.
  • Fully automated report generation and sharing to relevant stakeholders in a consistent, reliable and timely fashion.

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